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Kaattu Payale Song Lyrics – Suriya Soorarai Pottru

Kaattu Payale Song Lyrics - Soorarai PottruStream Suriya’s new Promo Single KAATTU PAYALE SONG LYRICS IN TAMIL from Sudha Kongara’s journey film, Soorarai Pottru (2020) vocalized by Dhee under a rustic-festive music by G.V. Prakash Kumar and Snekan as Kaattu Payale Song lyricist. Preview also an official Tamil song treat “Soorarai Pottru Kaattu Payale Song Lyrics In English Translation & Meaning In English” here by Sony Music India.

Kaattu Payale Song Lyrics In English – Soorarai Pottru (2020)

Lallahi laire laire…

Lallahi laire laire…
Lallahi laire laire lai…
Lallahi laire laire…

Kaattu payale

Konji poda ennai orukka nee
Morattu muyale
Thookki poga vantha paiyada nee

#Hey rugged one

Just this once cuddle me
I’m a wild rabbit
You are the one came

To snare me#

Karattu kaada kedantha

Ennai thiruttu muzhikaara
Thoratti pottu izhukkurada nee

#I’m a thorny jungle

With your slick sickle
And your sly looks
You entice me#

Thiruttu poonai pola

Ennai urutti urutti paarthu
Suratta paamba aakki putta nee

#Hey stealthy cat

Like a ball of yam
You spin me around#

En mundhiyila sorugi vecha
Sillaraiya pola nee

Iduppu madippil ennanammo
Senjiputtu pore nee
Paarangkalla iruntha ennai
Panji pola aakki putta
Enna viththa vechirukka nee

#Like the coins in the folds of my saree

You caress me
As strong as a boulder, I’m
With magic wand in your hand
As a delicate thread
You weave me#

Yaanai pasi

Naan unakku yaanai pasi
Sola pori 
Nee enakku sola pori

#An elephant hunger

I am to you
A corn kernel
Your are to me#

Lallahi laire laire lai…

Lallahi laire laire…
Lallahi laire laire lai…
Lallahi laire laire…

Paasathala enna neeyum pathara vaikkura

Paththikkittu eriyum ennai paathu nikkura
Jigaruthanda paarvayala kulira vaikkura
Thooram ninne en manasa meya vaikkura
Naan velanji nikkum pombala
Vekkam kettu nikkuren
Uchchi kotta vaikkuriye vaada

#With love, you make me tremble

When I’m on fire, you stand there watching
You make me shiver with your cool gaze
Standing in distance, you make my heart graze
I’m a woman in the peak of my adolescence
Standing without blushing
Don’t make me yearn, seize me#

Nee echchi oora vaikkura

En udamba thaikkura
Edhukku thalli nikkura vaada

#You tease me with a starter

You make my mouth water
Why don’t you cater to my job?
Embrace me#

Naan saamathula muzhikkuren

Saara paamba neliyuran muzhikkuren
Enna senja ennai nee konjam solluda

#In mid nights, I’m awake

I turn and toss like a snake
What did you do to me?
Do tell me#

Un murattu aasai enakku thaan

Athuvam theriyum unakku thaan
Enna seiyya unnai
Thinnu theekka poran
Konjam konjamaga
Konji kolla poren

#Your wild desires are mine

And you know that fine
Shall I punish you or relish you?
I’m going to tease and finish you
Little by little#

Veecharuva illamale vetti saikkura

Velukambu vaarthaiyala kuththi kilikkura
Soothanama anga inga killi vaikkura
Soosagama aasaiyellam solli vaikkura

#Without an axe, you split me apart

With spear headed words, you pierce my heart
You pinch me here and there
Express your heart’s desire#

Nee thottu pesu sikkuram

Vittu pogum en joram
Vetti kadhai pesa vehna vaada

#I’m burning hot and need a shot of love

I’m not a touch-me-not, don’t delay anymore#

Naan olappaaya virikkuran

Unakku virunthu vaikkuran
Muzhusa ennai thinu puttu poda

#The mat is spread
The feast is set
Come and relish me fully#

Nee ethuku thayangi nikkura

Enna othukki vaikkura
Summa murandu pudikkura
Katti alluda

#Why do you hesitate?

What are you waiting for?
Why this drama?
Just take me now#

Un murattu thimiru enakku thaan

Athuvum theriyum unakku thaan

#Your ego is only with me

And you know that#

Poththi vacha aasai

Ponguthada olaiya
Poththikittu ooththa
Poguthada mazhaiya

#The hidden desire is bubbling over

As fountain water
It’s going in rain#

Lallahi laire laire lai…

Lallahi laire laire…
Lallahi laire laire lai…
Lallahi laire laire…

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Song Title Kaattu Payale
Film Title Soorarai Pottru (2020)
Casts Suriya, Aparna Balamurali & many mores
Singer Dhee
Lyrics Writer Snekan
Music Director G.V. Prakash Kumar
Director Sudha Kongara
Producer Suriya @ 2D Entertainment
Copyrights Sony Music India
Release Date 23/7/2020


Soorarai Pottru (AKA) Praise The Brave is Suriya upcoming 2020 Tamil film based on events of Air Deccan which found by G.R. Gopinath. This film expected to release this year or might delay due to MCO period. All the song was mass-hit. Song lyrics can be review over here. Apart from that, Suriya managed to won the appraise from Central Board of Film Certification. Suriya said “Can’t wait to watch it on big screens”. Treat for his fans. Movie details can be seen above.

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