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Namma Stories Song Lyrics – NJ, Arivu, SIRI & Hanumankind

Netflix Namma Stories Song Lyrics - The South Anthem (NJ, Arivu, SIRI & Hanumankind)Let’s experience some mixed-genre & language track, “Namma Stories Song Lyrics In English Translation” presents by Netflix India which officially rapped by NJ aka Neeraj Madhav, Arivu, SIRI and Hanumankind under Akshay Sundher direction. Get ready with your headphones to feel the fire-music beat brought by Karthik Shah via headphones. Happy reading guys!!!

Namma Stories Song Lyrics (IN) English Meaning – NJ, Arivu, SIRI & Hanumankind

Once upon a time
Oru oorla
Aadal paadal
Apram konjam moral

#Once upon a time

In a town
There was dance, song
And a little bit of moral#

Enna kadha, enna kadhai

Agara mudhala vandha kadhai
Thamizhin azhagu sonna kadhai
Agilam arindha namma kadhai
Kalaiyil mozhiyil arivil magudam tharithu thamizhan ninna kadhai

#What a story, what a story

Stories that came from the beginning of time
Stories about Tamizh’s beauty
Our stories that have traveled around the world
The stories of how Tamizhans ruled over language, art & intellect#

Paatti vadai sutta yei

Aathuna tea kadai kadhai
Veettu thinnai mela yei
Ethanai super kadhai

#The story of how grandma made vadai

Stories shared at tea stalls
So many super stories shared in our homes#

Kaattula mettula yei
Suththuna kalaignanin kadhai

Moochinil irukkudhu yei
Ulagin mudhal mozhi kadhai

#Stories of artists who wandered through forests & cities

The stories in the world’s first language
It lives in our breaths#

Enga thirumbunaalum
Enga kadhai manna thonduna kedaikkum
Unmai kadhai onnukkonnu orava
Nenappadha sollikkollu thuniva
Iruppadhu whistle-u parakka vasanam therikka

Visiri muzhukka usura kodukka
Thiraiya vilakka thalaivan nadikka

#Wherever you go

You’ll find our stories if you dig and see
You’ll find these true stories
About us being standing united
Whatever we think, we’ll tell it out loud without holding back
With whistles blowing and dialogues ringing
Fans giving their everything for their stars
The star appears on screen and the screen comes to life#

Indha paaru namma stories

#Here see our stories#

Indha paaru

#Here see#

Indha paaru namma stories

#Here see our stories#

Indha paaru namma stories

#Here see our stories#

Sirigannadam gelge

Janagala preetiye nanna dudime
Kirik party gala baayige halage
Naavu yaarigu illa kadime

#May the richness of Kannada be victorious

My worthwhile earnings are love from people
People who talk crap will have their mouths sealed
We are less than nobody#

Kannadada tagaru aithe pogaru

U-turn madadhe mundhogo vega joru
Bidar indha kodagu aadbhashe halavu
Chikmagalur coffee jote maddur vada sogasu

#I am the mighty ram with that attitude

Without making a U-turn we go forward in speed
Bidar to Kodagu, got many dialects
With Chikmagalur coffee, our maddur vada is pure delight#

Nam khathe keeluteera ega kannadigara style-alli

Uppi Sudeep Rajkumar Yash, hesru sadanam baayalii
Umashree Malashri Kalpana Bharathi yendendigu yuru legendary
Deepika Padukone mangalore-in shilpa shetty Ricky Kej-u grammy li

#You will listen to our story in the style of Kannadigas

Uppi Sudeep Rajkumar Yash, their names always in our mouth
Umashree Malashri Kalpana Bharathi are always going to be legendary
Deepika Padukone Shilpa Shetty from Mangolore and Ricky Key in the Grammy’s#

This that south-side fix

Click clack bang with the drip
Drop it like it’s Andhra mirch
Midas touch never jinxed

Finest one in the list

Fine dust off monoliths
Crimes are up when I spit
South-side up in this bitch

Cheptha neeku oka dhammuna katha

Mana sontha katha
Mana south ghanatha
Nuvvu vinnetuga
Manassu vippenthaga
Vachei vachei mana lokaniki

#I’ll tell you a powerful story

It’s our own story
About south India’s greatness
A story you want to listen to
A story that will make you proud 
Welcome to our world#

Bajubali nundi ee prapanchaniki

Hyderabad biryani veedhullo nijanni
Vinandi maa vaani chudandi kavyanni
Kirrak macha namma stories

#Bahubali had let the world know

From Hyderabad biryani to the real stories on the streets
We got you covered
Hear our voices, watch the visuals unfold
Awesome macha our stories#


South-side you know we the best
Don’t matter the city these southern committees the flyest around
Where the women are pretty the weather is great with immaculate sounds
From the sound and the style they steady picking up on southern decorum
Kings and queens my side the others ain’t ready for what we got for them

Celebrations like its onam bring out the glasses and see how we pour them

Malabar boy doubt that you can afford him
Hustling nights and some chai in the morning

Came through with no warning

Now that we here no way you can ignore them
Land of the lungis and liquor that’s foreign
Tell all your people yeah it’s best you inform them

Malayali vanneda

Aarpu vilikkeda
Scene maari scene maari
South side-il thee paari
Pande njangal poliyaanu kazhivinte pemari
Malayala cinemakal industry de ke garhi maati
Netflix-il padam kandu ninteyokke kili paari

#Malayalis is here

Make some time
The scene has changed
South side is lit
And it has always been the peak of talent
Malayalam cinema has changed the pace of the industry
Everyone is mind blown watching these films on Netflix#

Thudangam legacy

Cent percent literacy
Shashi Tharoorinte English proficiency
Oscar kondannu Resul Pookutty
Nenjil kudi kollunnu Mohanlal Mammootty

#Speaking of legacy

Cent percent literacy
Shashi Tharoor’s English proficiency
Resul Pookutty brought home the Oscar
Mohanlal and Mammootty reside in our hearts#

Evide poyalum njan mindum malayalathil

Porattem beef-um njan thinnum athikaalathu
Mundum maadikketti chenda thaalam kotti
Kidathakatha kidathakatha kidathakatha kidathakatha

#Wherever I go, I’ll speak in Malayalam

I’ll eat beef and parotta for breakfast
Folding up our mundu and beating our chenda#

Kottikeru panchavaadyam

Kalaripayattil ankamaadyam
Kadhakaliyude vrindhavaadyam
Thithithaara they they vallamkaliyude chollu
Mekkitteraan vannal murukum naadan thallu
Tamizhan na thambi da
Telugu machambi da
Bengaluru gully mein boys ellam mallu da

#Let the rhythm of “panchavaadyam” build up

Let’s do some sparring in Kalaripayattu
Kathakali and Vrindavadyam
Let’s chant the verses of the boat race
Don’t you try to boss us over cos you’ll get hit
Tamizhans are like our brothers
Telugus are like our in laws
And there are so many Mallus in Bangalore gullies#

South side is strong boy!!!

Kalakku kalakku

Therikku therikku
Parakku parakku
Ketu nokku namma stories

#Kalakku kalakku

Therikku therikku
Parakku parakku
Try listening to out stories#

Kalakku kalakku

Therikku therikku
Parakku parakku
Kirrak macha namma stories

#Kalakku kalakku

Therikku therikku
Parakku parakku
Awesome macha our stories#

Ketu nokku namma stories

#Try listening to out stories#

Kirrak macha namma stories

#Awesome macha our stories#

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SongNamma Stories (The South Anthem)
Rapper(s)NJ, Arivu, SIRI & Hanumankind
Lyrics Writer(s)
NJ, Arivu, SIRI & Hanumankind
Music ComposerKarthik Shah
Audio LabelNetflix India

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