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Oh Maya Lyrics English Translation & Meaning

Oh Maya Lyrics In English - Iru Mugan “Oh Maya Lyrics English Translation & Meaning” from Iru Mugan (2016) film is a romance fun-filled pulsing hummed by N.C. Karunya & Ramya NSK with Oh Maya Lyrics by Thamarai. Check out the full OH MAYA SONG LYRICS IN TAMIL composed by Harris Jayaraj!!!

Oh Maya Lyrics English Translation & Meaning – Iru Mugan (2016)

Haiyyo nenjile
Aadum unjale

Innal vazhvile
Adada daadada

#Oh dear

The swing that sways in my heart
Today in my life#

Aaha vaanile

Paathai eruthe
Paniyai maruthe
Adada daadada

#My path extend till skies
They transform into dew#

Kannum kannume

Pesum nerame
Varthai enbathe
Inimel barame

#It’s time to speak with eyes
Spoke words will be a burden#

Otti kollave

Vaa en pakkame
Pakkam enbathu
Inge thurame

#Come closer to stick on me
Feel like far away

Even though being beside me#

Piravigal unnai thodarnthu vanthen
Yenadi en thedalaiyum
Ariyaamal ponai

#I’m following you for few decades

Why you do not feel my search for you?#

Vaan meethu

Ennai unakkena minikkiyavan
Yenadi en minminiyai
Paarkamal poonai

#I shine like a star in the skies for you

Why did you ignore to see my sparkles?#

Oh maya

Megam neeya
Oh…oh maya
Mogam theeya

#Oh my mystique

Are you the clouds?
Oh my mystique
Are you my desire?#

Kanne kadhali

Kadhal marvazhi
Kaayam aanathal
Kanne thaazhthu nee

#Oh my love

Love pain in my heart
Since it’s hurts
Lower your gaze a little#

Muththam neeyadi

Saththam naanadi
Naanam vanthathal
Nagarum vaanmathi

#You’re the kiss

I’m the sound
As the coyness comes in
Even the crescent seems to move away#

Unnai enniye

Naatkal poonadhe
Oodal seivathe
Ulagai aanathe

#Day passes by with you memories

It’s become like a conflict#

Kaalam kooduthe

Kaigal serudhe
Kaigal servadhe
Azhagai thondrudhe

#Time is ripe

Hands join together
It’s shine beautifully
When hands join together#

pala iravugal urakamillai
Paathiyile kan vizhithu
Unnai thedi paarthen

#Because of you

I was sleepless many nights
I woke up halfway
And searching for you#

en thanimaigal mudindhu vidum
Naan vizhithal nee iruppai
Unnai alli serpen

#My loneliness will over by today

When i wake up
You will be here
I’ll hug you & make mine#

Oh maya

Megam neeya
Oh…oh maya
Mogam theeya

#Oh my mystique

Are you the clouds?
Oh my mystique
Are you my desire?#

Vaanin neelame

Kadalin aalame
Kaatrin seelame
Kadhal agume

#The lengths of skies

The depth of seas
The ferocity of winds
Become love manifestations#

Naanum neeyume

Vaazhum vaazhvile
Kaalam thandiyum
Kadhal neelume

#Life that you & me living

The love will transcend
Even time passes by#

Naanum maarinen

Neethan karanam
Ketpen en varam
Viralil mothiram

#I changed because of you

I’ll ask my boon
A ring in my finger#

Ennai unnidam

Thanthen seethanam
Aadum en manam

Ada innum anandham

#I gave you myself

As dowry for you
My heart is prancing as it’s ecstatic#

Un veetil

Ini enakkoru arai irukkum
Naan irukkum naal varaikkum
Ada neeyum iruppai

#There will be a space

For me in your house
Until I’m alive
You also will be alive#

Un thozhil malar kodi

Indru paranthirukkum
Nee thelikkum neerinukkum
Ethai thandhu adaippai

#A flowers will shoot spreads

On your shoulders
The water you sprinkle is love-able
How you going to shut me up#

Oh haaha

Megam neeya
Oh…oh haaa
Mogam theeya

#Oh haaha

Are you the clouds?
Oh haaa
Are you my desire?#

Oh maya

Megam neeya
Oh…oh haaa
Mogam theeya

#Oh my mystique

Are you the clouds?
Oh my mystique
Are you my desire?#

SongOh Maya
MovieIru Mugan (2016)
StarsVikram, Nayanthara, Nithya Menen & others
Singer(s)N.C. Karunya & Ramya NSK
Music ComposerHarris Jayaraj
DirectorAnand Shankar
ProducerShibu Thameens
Music LabelSony Music India
Release Date01/08/2016, Monday


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