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Oru Paarvai Song Lyrics – Marianathan & Thivyah

“Oru Paarvai” is a Malaysian Tamil Song. This song freshly arrived in Youtube on 13 February 2018.¬†This song sung by Marianathan and Thivyah. Music composed by DJ Jolly. The lyrics penned by DJ Jolly and Charles William. This song recorded, mixed and mastered by Dustin at Soundniverse Studio. Apart from that, keyboards, synths, rhythm programming and arrangements scored by DJ Jolly. Well, additional piano and rhythm programming scored by Yohnes, Jeson Gnanapnegasam, Marianathan and Dustin. This song produced by Big Shot Entertainment and Soundniverse Studio. IBP Studios was publisher of this song. Full song lyrics are below. Enjoy the lyrics!

Song Name Oru Paarvai
Singers Marianathan & Thivyah
Lyrics DJ Jolly & Charles William
Music Composed & Arranged by DJ Jolly
Music Label IBP Studios

Oru Paarvai Song Lyrics – Marianathan & Thivyah


Enakkul etho
Ithanai maatram
Ellam unnaal…anbe
Naan puthitai meendum
Piranthathu pohley
Unargiren indru…anbe


Oru paarvai paarkaamal
Kaigal korkaamal
Idhayam tavikkindrathey
Inthe thanimayiley
Unnodu vaazhaathe
Vazhkai vendame
Uyirum unakaagevey
Ingu tudikirathey


Tolanji pohnen hey penne
Un sirippaale
Thookkam ille neethane en kanaviley
Pohre paathe teriyame
Naan tavicheney
Bodhai ille irunthaalum
Naan vizhuntheney


Pasithaagam kude ille
Kulichaalum nanaiye ville
Ithu ennai sothanaiyo
Onnume puriye ville
En kadhal poiyum ille
Sollavum thevai ille
Sollathe kadhal ellam
Sordathule servathille


Ennulley kadhal vantha neram
Unnodu uravaaneney
Kadhalil neeyum konda thedal
Ini vendame anbe


Oru paarvai paartheney
Kaigal kortheney
Idhayam inaigindrathey
Intha nodiyiniley
Unnodu vaazhaathe
Vazhkai vendame
Uyirum unakaagevey
Inge tudikirathey


Oru Paarvai Official Lyric Video – Marianathan & Thivyah

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