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Ponniyamma Song Lyrics – Harkara

Ponniyamma Song Lyrics - HarkaraThink Music India presents “Ponniyamma Song Lyrics In English Translation” from brand new Tamil film, Harkara sung by Pradeep Kumar along Sinduri Vishal in R. Deepak Krishna writings and Ramshanker music. Movie lead by Ram Arun Castro, Kaali Venkat and many more artists.

Ponniyamma Song Lyrics (FEAT) Pradeep Kumar – Harkara (TAMIL)

Veeran un kannupada
Othaiyula sarinjiputten
Ennadi ponniyamma
Yendi solladi ponniyamma

#Brave man I am, you looked at me

I fell & flipped in your spell dizzy
Ponniyamma, my lassie
Why did this happen to me?#

Seerum un saththam kettu

Kithappellam tholaichiputten
Rathina muthazhaga
Ennada rathina muthazhaga

#Listening to the tread of your feet

My pride gave in to my heartbeat
The jewel in my crown
My tall & handsome beau#

Pesama paiya vandhu

Nenjang kotta niraichitta
Virasa thaan vesham ketti
Surundu putten pathukka

#You inched close to me

Filled my heart totally
I disguised my love for your
Snuggled in my feelings anew#

Malai uchiyamma

Thala suthudhamma
Usara yeri kirangi kidantha usura vaattura

#Lass from the top to hill above

My head spins like a top with love
You make my heart beat faster than my sprinting feet#

Ye thattiyam thaan pannadha

Veerappa kattadha
Poosama pesama pichi pichi thinnadha

#Do not put up your price, lassie

Or play hard to get, my wife to be
With obvious interest but words unspoken
Do not feast on me piecemeal, o maiden#

Naracha kooda

Enna vecha kanna vangamma
Nila viriyum surukkam
Enna kondu podume

#Even when I am old and gray

Your love for me is here to stay
Wrinkles are lines of grace
Lights the lamp of love always#

Saami sathiyama

Indha vattarame thirumbi paarka
Kirangi kidantha usura vattura

#I swear on our mountain deity

Making heads turn in our community
You make my heart beat from brow to toe, my sweet#

Madathi enna
Ganama pinni kattu podura
Odura naanum oiveduthene
Kalaiyum seela sundi izhukkudhe

#With your dusky complexion captivating

You tie me up in love-knots inviting
My running strides in the line of duty
I rested a bit to drink in your beauty
Pleats of your sari displaced
A rush of adrenalin displayed#

Ada kattandhara patttiniya

Thookkam ketta naanum
Koottaanjoru koodikittu madi saayuren

#On this hard floor I slept at night

Hungry and lonely, no love delight
Now awaits a feast no longer alone
Your lap is my mattress ready to own#

Koorakulla potta pulla

Koodi vandha neram
Kaththukutti kadhal onnu karuvagudhe

#She and he became we

In this hurt, my lass and me
Virgin seed of love sown
Bears fruit for an heir borne#

En kaatu raasa

Thari kettu lesa saruga pola
Mayangi vizhundha manasa thaangura

#My king of this jungle wilderness

Little love-daze of dizziness
Like autumn leaves I fall in your arm
My soul is mesmerized by your charm#

Nee mayangi vizhundha
manasa thaangura
Nee mayangi vizhundha manas thaangura

#You carry my intoxicated mind

You hold my heart in your love redefined#

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Actor(s)Ram Arun Castro, Kaali Venkat & others
Vocal(s)Pradeep Kumar & Sinduri Vishal
Lyrics WriterR. Deepak Krishna
Music Composer
DirectorRam Arun Castro
Producer(s)N.A. Ramu
Saravanan Ponraj
Audio LabelThink Music India

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